Bobby’s LandEi (country egg)- our newest project

Starting with the end of march the population of Aumoarhof has been raised by 350!

In the “Heanastoi”- a mobile chicken coop- there live 350 laying hens, that are allowed to spend all day on our rich green pastures. They paw the ground to their heart’s content and look for juicy treats. At nightfall they go back into their cosy home and the automatic doors assure, that the fox can’t come for a quick visit.

After a period of seven to ten days the hennery and the hens are transported to a fresh piece of meadow, so the turf is able to regenerate. Moving the chickens is not only good for the fields, but also for the health and the welfare of our “girls”.

A self-serving vending machine ensures that we can supply our customers 24 hours a day with fresh eggs!