Children love strawberries – we love children!

Bobby’s strawberries grow and ripe sun-kissed in natural soil, under the blue sky! This takes time and therefore we harvest our strawberries when the main strawberry season in shops and in the food service industry is already over.

Depending on the temperatures in spring and the quantity of rain that has fallen, the taste of our strawberries differs from year to year.

With the experience we gained in the last 30 years of “pick your own strawberries”, we try to pick the best strawberry sorts out of more than 300 different varieties to ensure the optimal taste for the following harvesting year. However, we are still learning and trying to improve our methods for your benefit.

Picking your own strawberries is not only fun for kids: especially in fast moving times like ours the collecting of fruits, the understanding of natural processes like growing and ripening and the appreciation of nature all around us have a great significance. Children can watch the growth and thriving of plants and taste how sun-ripened fruits taste, right on our fields.

The conservation of nature and climate change are important. That’s why we promote awareness for natural farming and avoid methods like cultivating in greenhouses, nutrient solutions or irradiation entirely at Bobby’s.

For us it’s a special present to be able to watch our products grow and thrive and pass this feeling on to our customers.

Where to find our strawberry fields

  • Proleb – Aumoarhof
  • Stadlhof – next to the federal highway
  • Trofaiach – next to the post office
  • Judenburg – Murdorf
  • Spielberg – Weyern

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