Pumpkin seed oil

nutty flavour, rich dark green, 100% pure

We will never forget the day we held our first bottle of Bobby’s pumpkin seed oil in our hands!

Up until then we were only able to welcome our customers seasonally.

Bobby’s pumpkin seed oil, which is made entirely out of pumpkins we farm ourselves, is sold all year round.

Every four to six weeks we press our pumpkin seeds freshly, to ensure the freshness and quality of our pumpkin seed oil.

Our Styrian pumpkin seed oil has already travelled to Amerika, Australia and China and represented Bobby’s even overseas.

Bobby’s pumpkin seed oil is available in different kinds and sizes of glass bottles and in tins. Depending on your needs we can deliver our oil in (almost) any container. Due to the close cooperation with “Laserwork by Hafellner” we can even customize your chosen product.


You can buy Bobby’s pumpkin seed oil daily on our farm. During summer our oil is also available on our strawberry- and raspberry fields and during winter on our Christmas tree booth. You can also purchase our pumpkin oil, like many of our products, in our Onlineshop.